What is South Side Festival?

South Side Festival Mission Statement:

Inspire by delivering world-class contemporary arts and cultural experiences.

Ignite audience imaginations and provoke a thirst to learn, engage and connect.

Provide and support a platform for self-determined, artist led creative works and connections.

Focus on access and inclusion.

Foster relationships between artists, business and the local community.

Transform perceptions, Frankston is more than a pretty beach!

South Side Festival is ten days of adventure each May that aims to satisfy all your creative cravings. Thought provoking and exciting performances, raucous comedy, dazzling installations, striking visual arts, fun for the whole family and even some delightfully naughty bits– South Side Festival thrills, challenges and entertains.

2022 and 2023 were a blast, bring on 2024! You will be surprised what you find South Side…

South Side 2024 dates: 10-19 May

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