5 Minutes with...KERRIE WARREN ‘Beneath the Canopies’

Published on 22 March 2022

Beneath the Canopies
  1. What influences and inspires your creative practice?
    • Nature inspires me - its rhythmic, undulating movement and poetic configuration of line, form, and colour.  It’s sense of liveliness.  It’s depth, and multitudinous layers beneath and beyond the surface.
    • Movement – a sense of being fluid and feeling free in the studio.  I enjoy creating and being part of ‘organic randomness’ without having any preconception of the end result.   Making and finding patterns in and out of chaos.
    • Other creatives – in particular my collaboratives, Dr Aunty Eileen Harrison, and Darryl Whitaker.  Our project ‘Beneath the Canopies’ has been one of experimentation and we have equally influenced and inspired each other throughout the process!


  2. What does the term “arts and culture” mean to you?
    • Two interlinking concepts that overlap and influence each other in an ongoing momentum (Art being an aspect of culture).  Arts and Culture in all its diversity brings us together, enriching and celebrating our individual selves and our communities as a whole.


  3. Out of curiosity, what is your perception of Frankton? Be honest!
    • My past perception of Frankston was that of a rough, grey seaside suburb ‘gulp’.  These days, I enjoy a sense of vibrancy and awakening potential as I drive in.  Arts and Culture are appearing more and more evident providing layers of depth and colour within the landscape.  The positive vibe is exciting, and I’m always made to feel welcome to share it!


  4. How do you view the relationship between the artistic creator and audience?
    • Artistic creators engage with their audiences in so many different ways.  For me as a visual artist it’s more like hitting a personal note in the studio which resonates with a particular audience ‘out there’.  As my practice evolves, layers of notes and intuitive tones are added… I think this in turn is reflected in my audience of followers, viewers, and collectors who I occasionally have the pleasure of meeting and getting to know.  Often, they’ve built an emotional relationship with my work overtime unbeknown to me.


  5. What song would be your theme song in the movie adaptation of your life?
    • As a young person it would have been ‘On the Road Again’ by Willie Nelson because we lived like gypsies, at times living without power and running water.
    • Life is very different now.  I’ve been settled in Crossover for twenty years and for some reason I resonate with Elton John’s ‘Rocket Man’.


  6. Describe yourself or artistic practice in five words (Note: you are infinitely awesome beyond these 5 words).
    • Abstract
    • Expressionism
    • Intuitive
    • Flow
    • Movement


Aunty Eileen Harrison in the studio.jpg

Image: Aunty Eileen Harrison in the studio.


Catch Kerrie Warren's stunning tree-inspired visual arts exhibition with collaborating artists Dr. Aunty Eileen Harrison and Darryl Whitaker, Beneath The Canopies, in the FAC Atrium Gallery during the South Side Festival and beyond, from Friday 6 May to Saturday 25 June. Click the link for more details.



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